Games & Sports

Intersection sports tournament organised by college on 17th May,2017

The department works towards the health, fitness and wellbeing of the entire Bhartiya community. Its multi disciplinary prominence is the main characteristic of the department.
The department has been successful in looking beyond the stereotype image of sports limited to the sports fields and mere matter of winning and loosing. The department organizes talks, workshops & Seminars to bring awareness amongst the students with special reference to wellness, fitness, sports injuries, sports nutrition and drug abuse in sports etc. It also engages with elementary education department to teach physical education course. The department invites eminent sports personalities and sports scientist to engage with students.
Bhartiya sports have a very vibrant calendar. The most awaited events are the Annual Sports Meet and Inter College Sports meets which witnesses the participation from over district institutions.
The college has qualified and experienced University appointed Teacher of Physical Education, designated as Director to Plan, Coordinate and Execute the functioning of Physical Education and Sports Setup in the college. The main purpose of the Unit is to initiate, Coordinate, Execute and manage various kinds of Sports Activities in the college to promote general interest in Games and Sports and to improve the standard of Competitive Sports and Games.