Welcome to Bhartiya College of Education

College Rules

  • Institutional Code of conduct


    1. The Discipline is of the foremost importance in the college and the candidate who seeks admission in the college has to maintain it. If any trainee makes an attempt to violate the rules and regulations of the college, he will be punished by the disciplinary committee of the college
    2. No trainee is allowed to remain absent without Leave. Leave should be sanctioned in advance by the Principal/ Incharge. Any student who remains away from the college, he/ she will be dealt with as per college rules.
    3. Class Attendance is compulsory and all the students have to secure minimum75% attendance.
    4. No Medical Leave is allowed even on the basis of production of medical certificate.
    5. The College Uniform is compulsory for both male and female trainees and they have to wear it on prescribed days in a week.
    6. Every trainee will carry the Identity Card in his/ her possession.
    7. The College timings will be strictly observed by all the trainees.
    8. The trainees should make it a habit to consult the Notice Board daily.
    9. No trainee can do any full time / part time job during the course.
    10. All trainees should reach the college ten minutes before the College Time starts.
    11. Each trainee of the college will show sincerity, regularity and punctuality in his/ her conduct at all times.
    12. No political indulgence of the trainees in any form is allowed within or outside the college.
    13. No trainee will go home without seeking prior permission from the Principal/ Incharge.
    14. Trainees should not waste time while shifting from one classroom to another doing class rooms change of period.
    15. Trainees are expected to pay due regards to all the working members of the college.
    16. Each trainee will carry a Black Bag to the college which will contain separate registers for each subject , one rough register, college prospectus, pens, pencils and a scale.
    17. All the trainees are expected to take good care of the material resources around and also not deface the walls or furniture writing on the desks is absolutely banned.
    18. No trainee is supposed to enter Principal-Chamber, Office and Staff-room, without any proper permission.
    19. Each trainee of the college will have to organize and also participate in activities planned by the lecturer Incharge.
    20. All the trainees are expected to adhere all the above instructions fully and to follow rules of the college.