Management provides separate hostel for male and female, situated at a large distance apart. Each hostel comprises of excellent comfortable accommodation along with spacious dinning hall, recreation hall with TV etc. Aqua guard drinking water facility has also been provided. For convenience of hosteliers, there is 24 hours uninterrupted power supply and STD/PCO facility available well inside the hostel. It is advisable that the non-Local female/male students should stay in the hostel so that they can study seriously. An admission or for seeking admission in hostel is available from the office which is to the filled up by the concerned and be submitted in the office. The rent charges for the hostel are fixed by university authorities


1. Cleanliness of the hostel rooms and campus be maintained.
2. Toilets & bath rooms to be used fai rly.
3. Relatives of the inmates shall be allowed to stay in the hostel even for one night.
4. No inmate shall be allowed to stay overnight to his / her guardian without prior permission of the hostel Warden / Principal.
5. No outside phone calls will be entertained except from the parents/close relation whose identity is recorded in the hostel register after 9 : 30 P.M.
6. Inmate shall seek proper permission for leaving the hostel from the hostel Warden/ Principal.
7. Any kind of uncultured behaviour on the part of boarders will not be tolerated and the parents will be informed about it.
8. The meals will be served as per the following timings: Breakfast - 7:30A.M.Lunch-3 :30 P.M. Dinner -8 : 00 P.M.
9. Any kind of complaint/ suggestions to be made are welcomed and may be discussed with the Warden/ Principal.
10.Transport service has been arranged.

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